Ask AION - Episode 3

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  • Merci pour le post ^^

    Quelques trucs que j'ai compris pour les non anglophones.

    Ils travaillent sur le fait d'avoir les infos des events avant la fin de la maintenance du mercredi...
    La fusion des serveurs avait déjà été abordée. Event médical et sépulture shugo actuelement en cours Dommage qu'ils en aient reparlé dans cette vidéo.
    Pas de mariage prévu entre personnage.
    Monture 2 places à l'étude chez Nc corée.
    Concours catch a shugo pour recevoir la peluche, filmer vous attraper en vol une peluche.
    Les lâches quittant rhunatorium ne pourront plus le faire soit a la 4.7.5 soit a la 4.8
    Ils bossent sur les lags rencontrés en jeu par des joueurs mais pour eux, ça ne vient pas de gameforge.

    Voila en gros ce que j'ai capté....
  • Un peu déçu de celui-là, il répond plus aux questions adressé à NcSoft plutôt que celles les concernant.

    Mais sinon ça va, ils se sont vachement améliorés pour nous proposer quelquechose d'agréable à regarder
    "La beauté de l'âme se répand comme une lumière mystérieuse sur la beauté du corps."
    Victor Hugo
  • Braax wrote:

    ils se sont vachement améliorés pour nous proposer quelquechose d'agréable à regarder


    C'est vraiment plus agréable a regarder en effet, J'ai apprécié la question sur le masque/ pillule pour le PK on en aurais drôlement besoin c'est vrai ...
    Random bullshit
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    /kanan Soso 65
    /Juditia Aède 65
  • Commençant à partir de 1:12 :

    "Player Rin is asking: "so, about those merges, any progress?"

    Looking at your question, [merges] are our number one topic, that's why I just want to spend extra time on giving you a full overview of the topic and I'll answer as many questions as possible this way. As promised in the last Ask Aion [we've studied this method] right off after the release of 4.7.1 at the end of last month. As I already mentioned then, some of the merges are rather delicate things and are not to be rushed too much as the possible implications are indeed huge.

    Let's have a look at the positive aspects first: there are mainly two points:

    - One, increase population; when you have two servers with one thousand players each that are merged together, in the end there are two thousend players now which has doubled the amount. This means easier findings of groups, more traffic in the auction house, [more] pvp, higher participation sieges and such.
    - Second point, optimize balance. If your server has a balancing issue, merging it with another server that has a better or opposite imbalance, the newly merged server has now a perfect balance and pvp is just way more fun.

    That's about the positive sides, now let's have a look at the downsides.

    - One, worsen the balance. Haven't I just said that the balance gets better, well, it does indeed but only on the server which has the bigger balancing problem. Server merges would be perfect in a world where there are exactly as many servers with too many Elyos players as there are always too many Asmodian players. In reality though, there are not that many servers where there are more Asmodians players than Elyos and even when it is that's just a little below 50%. So with merging them you just don't change anything regarding the total number, you just shift the imbalance. On some servers it gets a bit better, on other that's worse. In the end, the total imbalance just stay the same.

    - The second downside is basically everything where there are two things that can exist in parallel of one server. One is the player name for example. When two players have the same name, the one with the younger name will get a forced name change. We'll send him a free name change ticket of course so that he can choose a new one that is not used until then but he'll probably still feel rather bad about this.
    Another point are (sic) the legion names. This can be done freely by yourself but still some legions will lose their name.
    Another downside is the ranking which is of course very important for you guys because all your hard work has been put into that. When the servers are merged, your rank will probably change because on the other server there will be players with higher points go over than yourself. And in addition to this, there is gear that is linked to the certain rank that you have and here we're working on a way to make you keep your gear after the merge, but not only you will just lose that gear (sic). And we hope that we can find a way that you can keep your get but that is not definitely set yet.

    The final downside is regarding the housing. It's plain and simple, your houses will be lost. That's just it. We can't do anything about that because two houses cannot exist in parallel on one server. The question is what's gonna happen to the stuff that you've purchased that is in the house. And that is what we're looking into to make happen that you will be recompensated with the stuff that' you've purchased before but we cannot guarantee yet that all data can be gathered correctly and the we can do that without having the risk of creating too many issues with that.

    On and on you see that the server merges do increase the population on the server which is a great thing, but they do come with quite some downsides that need to be well prepared as with all the things that we're working on, our goal is to increase your happiness with your favourite game, we just need to make sure that it will be te case indeed, especially with server merges.

    And now to a small interlude. In your video we've often been using on of our little shugo plushes, and we know that many of you would like to get one. That's why we've thought about ways to happen and that how we came up with "Catch a shugo". Oh well, something like that. Anyway, send us an email to and tell us why you deserve to catch a shugo. If you're chose we'll send you a shugo plushy and all you have to do is to record a funny video of yourself catching the shugo. The video will then be included in the "Catch a shugo" part if the next Ask Aion. We're looking very much forward to that.

    Next question is from a player briangills, he's asking when are you gonna delete the possibility to leave the Rhunatorium early.

    Currently, in the Rhunatorium (?), when all the players have left it is not possible for the remaining players to gather the additional rewards. This is a really annoying issue and the answer is yes but we can't tell yet when the fix is going to be provided. It will probably come with 4.7.5 or even 4.8 but there also might be a sonner backfix release, it's what we're working on, we'll keep you posted.

    Our player Patricia is asking: master server will bring back lots of old-school Aion players just sayin'.

    Well, that's not really a question but i still want answer with maybe a more personal side. From all that we've seen, (?), Aion is the one that requires the most [plage info-reaching], the highest level with the highest possible gear. [Je ne sais vraiment pas ce qu'il veut dire]
    And for what we know about the master server I think that lots of people have a too strong view on this, and this regard the downsides. This is why I haven't change of what it is today and I have my doubts on the ongoing popularity of the master server. But of course we'll see.

    In the next question, blabla asks when will we patch 4.7.5?

    Well, quick answer here, 4.7.5 will be released on the 17th of June. Biggest features, new manastones sytem and full Pangea including Antriksha.

    Blabla is asking, are there any news about the cursecloud and word of destruction bug in Pangea?

    The bug that blabla is referring to is about the resurrection stones of each group that are located behind each gate. The bug is that these stones can be damaged by aoe spells without the gate being destroyed first. Before resetting the siege, the defending group had a big advantage from this. Currently we are resetting the siege every time so that it's not one-sided anymore and everybody can make use of this if they like. But it is a bug though and the long-term goal is to have it fixed by NC asap.

    In our next question, the player blabla is asking: why are you not able to post informations (sic) about upcoming events before the end of your maintenance, it's really annoying.

    Yep, I have to admit that we are also not happy with that and there have been some issues with the events as well. We're already working on optimizing our processes so that we can provide these information as soon as you and I have the events running more smooth (sic) in the future. So sorry for that, we'll improve it.

    Blabla is asking: could we finally get a fix on the constant server ping spike issues that have been brought up on the forums so many times, instead of ignoring the problem experienced by so many people of the community? And no it's the "ISPS" issue, it's your servers.

    Objection. We're taking this very seriously indeed. And in almost all cases that we checked, it's definitely not our servers but indeed an ISP issue, we can also prove this with the trace routes that we have. Also in general regarding this topic, Pascal our technical mastermind has covered this in length in our last livestream. If if you have missed that we have created an FAQ entry about this. And for all of you who have missed the livestream, we've prepared the best scenes for you, please enjoy that now."

    blablabla questions inutiles ensuite.

    (?) = incertitude sur ce qui est dit
    (sic) = faute retranscrite
    [ ] = reformulation