RDV le 20 decembre ^^

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  • Des nouvelles infos la: C'est bien la 6.0 ^^
    4 hours ago

    "Hello Aion family.

    On January 17, 2018, Aion is preparing for a new challenge.

    Existing and different new experience, pleasant play!"

    "This update is not just an update to add new content. It is a big change to show the fun of true Aion which was started from the manseop, the fun that we tried to get the target item, and the fun of field field which is pounding again.

    These big changes and leaps will be announced to you on January 17, 2018, and we will show you the details in order to avoid any confusion or worry about what happened before. GM Luna's update guide can be found on the 'Hot Issue' bulletin board.

    This update, which has a lot of changes, required Aion to be as old as it used to be. Nevertheless, I think there are still a lot of deficiencies. I would like to ask you to understand that it is the first step to make a new and fun new Aion in the future and I will continue to do our best to show you a better view of Daeva."

    So they announced that the details are going to be released on January 17th. 10/10.